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The Way of the warrior does not include other Ways…but if you know the Way broadly you will see it in everything.
  - Musashi Miyamoto

Japanese Resources
Samurai Info
Samurai Archives - The best and most complete resource on all things samurai.
Musashi Miyamoto - Site dedicated to information about legendary samurai Musashi Miyamoto. - Offers the best in accurate, authoritative, and complete information about the classical Japanese martial arts.
Japan Info
Japan Zone - The #1 guide to Japan and Japanese popular culture
JapanVisitor - A wide selection of tourist and residential information on Japan
Japan Reference - Good reference site for all kinds of things related to Japan
boingboing - Arguably the best and most popular blog on the Internet, this site has a lot of interesting stuff from Japan among the wonderful things it reports on.
Japan Guide - Extensive resource on travelling and living in Japan. - Japan information for US and English speaking visitors
Japan Humor - Very humorous site with lots of photos on strange uses of English in Japan.
Origami Boulder - Great deal on your own Origami Boulder
Teaching in Japan

ELTNews - The Web Site for English Teachers in Japan







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