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How is it that something as tiny as a baby has such power to develop and master its environment? With only limited abilities, babies get what they need. While appearing helpless, they control parents and other adults. Despite crying and demanding things all the time, they are adored. Though messy and stinky, babies are believed to be the cutest things. There is certainly much to be learned from these little masters of strategy and growth.

Way of the Baby combines psychology, philosophy, art, and humor to portray the fascinating powers of a baby in a new light. In addition to the insights on parenting, threads of Japanese culture and Zen spiritual thought are woven throughout the book to create a novel effect that can be appreciated on multiple levels (read more here).

Way of the Baby is not intended to be one of the many how-to parenting books that provide quick answers to busy parents. It is better suited for those with more interest and time for reflecting on the "miracle of life".


- "This little book is sure not only to raise a few smiles, but also provide some new and interesting ways of looking at your baby's development." - Japan Zone read review
- Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Award Finalist - read more
- "Parents should pay close attention to this wise baby’s advice. Like Noam Chomsky’s concept of hard-wired grammar, babies have an intuitive grasp of communication using gestures, looks and vocalizations... An elegant and useful guide to parenting, from a unique perspective." - Kirkus Discoveries read review
- "Western readers seeking ways of understanding their little of bundle of joy may experience that “a-ha” moment of recognition when reading this text." - read review
Way of the Baby book
Buy Way of the Baby: A Book of Five Rings
Buy Way of the Baby: A Book of Five Rings

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