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I don't know why they say, "You have a baby." The baby has you.
  - Gallagher

Samurai Baby  
What is a Samurai Baby?

The samurai baby has a mysterious power over a parent. Its small size and seemingly limited abilities do not stop it from getting what it needs and commanding parents to do its bidding. Despite the constant flow of demands made, the samurai baby is able to touch the spirit of a parent and reveal the beauty of life with the skill of a Zen master. A samurai baby is also dedicated to growth and trains constantly to develop its senses, abilities and skills.

Sound amazing? Might this not apply to your baby? Or any baby for that matter? Its just a matter of how you look at it. Learn more about the secrets of a samurai baby.

Samurai in History

Samurai were warriors that adhered to a strict code of conduct and trained rigorously to hone their abilities in sword fighting and the martial arts. They also had an appreciation for cultural arts. Following the twofold way of the pen and sword, as it was often called, many samurai had a highly developed sense for writing and poetry. A famous samurai, Musashi Miyamoto, who was well known for his writings and paintings as well as for his prowess with the sword, noted that knowing the Way of strategy, one would be able to see the Way in all things.





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Samurai Baby
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