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A baby is God's opinion that life should go on. Never will a time come when the most marvelous recent invention is as marvelous as a newborn baby.
  - Carl Sandberg

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The Way of Growth

There are few things as fascinating as a baby. Across the world and throughout history, babies have always inspired powerful feelings of attraction and wonder. Perhaps most impressive is their dynamic and unbridled potential for growth. There is no comparison to the physical, mental, and emotional developments and advances made within the first two years of life. Major changes can happen literally overnight and be noticed from one day to the next. New abilities spring up like wildfire, facial expressions and body movements take form, communications begin to gush forth, and reality is created from nothing.

Mastery of the Hand

There are many things that adults do so naturally that they are taken for granted. A baby starts from scratch, so the impressiveness of the depth of learning can be observed in their development. Think of something as basic as the use of the hands, as noted in this passage from the book, Way of the Baby:

"True to the spirit of growth, mastery over the hand is an ongoing process that requires much practice. In the beginning, there is mostly darkness, save for a faint realization of movement and feeling that arises like a disjointed, tingling warmth. As the heat of this sensation grows, and you begin to notice the hands and arms start to jerk about, a vague sense of your connectedness to these actions will arise. As randomness gives way to bursts of direction, patterns will start to be perceived more directly, until the crucial moment when you focus on a hand and it becomes still. Hold your gaze on the previously elusive hand, and understand its nature and relation to you. From this point, the hand will yield to your commands, and it will just be a matter of training. It may take a while to send your hand in the right direction or apply the right force, but in time your hand will move with the spirit of the void, where thinking and action are one."





Way of the Baby
Samurai Baby
Way of Growth
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