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The Way of the baby is through mastering the parent.
  - Way of the Baby, A Book of Five Grins

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Principles of Growth

Babies have an amazing potential for growth on many levels, though they don't get very far on their own. The samurai baby knows that parents or other caregivers are key to growth, and takes steps to actively manage these relationships. Engaging and controlling these people are central to the Way of the baby.

Beginning with the eyes and mouth, the samurai baby makes the most of its resources to manage and communicate with the parent, while building strength and taking in the surroundings. The power of the gaze and the perfection of various types of noise making are developed over time along with other techniques and abilities. Tying all these together with a mastery of timing and strategy, suited to the given situation, is the sign of an accomplished samurai baby. Growth does not occur in empty space, but is grounded in the fullness of the moment

The Nine Main Principles

Guiding rules for the samurai baby, from Way of the Baby:

1. Drink milk to grow, not for its sweetness
2. Legs flail, kick, crawl and stumble before they walk
3. Closed eyes do not a sleeping baby make
4. Know the Way of the parent
5. A toy appears more interesting in the hand of another
6. Green food is different from white food
7. A cookie behind the back is not gone
8. Better a bug in the mouth than a bug unnoticed
9. Do not cry for no reason



Principles of Growth
Techniques and Moves
Guiding Strategies
Other Styles
The Void

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