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Water kanji
While appearing weak, water overcomes all things.
  - Tao Te Ching

Samurai Baby Water concept  
Techniques and Moves

The nature and force of water adapts to the environment. It can remain as calm and peaceful as a drop resting on a leaf or grow as powerful as a tidal wave leveling all in its path. While formless in nature, water can assume many shapes. As a drop fills a tiny hole, an ocean fills the space between continents. Having no legs, fins, or wings, water can make great journeys, traversing land, sea, and air.

Like water, a samurai baby develops the skill and flexibility to win against the parent in a range of situations. Ongoing training is done to learn positioning, master techniques, and build strength in the neck, hands, legs and body. Soon actions and moves will begin to flow naturally. From the basics, methods are adapted to the suit the context. When the spirit of the samurai baby becomes like water, the right timing and force to engage and control the parent will become easy to pull off in any situation.

The Fluid Glance

The Fluid Glance is one of the moves from Way of the Baby:

"This technique is used when you are comfortable and in close proximity to the parent, but signs of disengagement begin to emerge. At the moment the parent attempts to withdraw and slip away, catch the parent with your eyes, staring intently while slowly tensing your body and face. If done correctly, the glance is all that is needed to bring the parent back into the flow of the current activity. This move is especially useful when the parent attempts to put you to sleep before you are finished being held. Meet and hold the eyes of the parent as you are being put down, and you can send the signal that holding time is not over. Timing is important and must be practiced."

Fluid Glance technique

Principles of Growth
Techniques and Moves
Guiding Strategies
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The Void

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