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Fire kanji
Fire that is not stopped burns itself out.
  - Sun Tzu

Samurai Baby Fire concept  
Guiding Strategies

The element of fire contains the potential of great power. Dynamic by nature, the wild energy of fire must be harnessed and handled according to the circumstances and depending on the goal. Used incorrectly, fire is ineffective or even dangerous.

Babies experience a host of new and fluctuating desires, needs, and emotions. In leading the parent to respond to needs and demands, it is important that energy is not scattered whichever way the wind blows. A samurai baby learns to control and direct needs and intentions as a candle lights a room or a hearth warms a home. The right approach is fit to the situation with proper timing. Understanding and employing the principles of growth, the samurai baby can not only rage for attention, but also project warmth, brighten moods, signal needs, spread feelings, flicker anxiety, and more.

The Nature of Spreading Fires

The following is a strategy from Way of the Baby:

"The nature of spreading fires involves making the parent lose concentration. The parent is accustomed to situations proceeding according to a certain flow or logic. It is easy to contain a single large fire in a hearth, but when fires are scattered about and spreading in different directions, efforts to control or put out even small fires often become frantic and unfocused. If you are being blocked from a particular goal, change your tactics and spread your energy in different directions. By switching back and forth between activities or points of interest, with little rhyme or reason to the order of selection and time spent with each, you can confuse the parent. One way is to grab anything and everything you can get your hands on. Pull things out of boxes and off of shelves and spread them around on the ground, put them in your mouth, or send them flying through the air. When the parent moves to engage you, merely head off for a new target, leaving a trail of clutter in your wake and the parent to juggle the options of stopping your next move, cleaning up after you, or finding some way to appease you. When the mind of the parent is spinning in this way, you can easily win and achieve your original goal."


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